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Ready to Workout


Are You Ready?

I'm sure it's been a little harder keeping up with your fitness routine while Fun Fitness has been closed.  

If you're looking for a fresh way to ease your body back into workout mode, then join our Challenge and see what a week of express workouts can do.

Week #1: 8/17 - 8/23

Week #2: 8/24 - 8/30

So pick a week or two... and let's get started!

Warm Up - nothing fancy, just turn your head slowly left and right (5 reps), arm circles forward (5 reps), arm circles backwards (5 reps), slowly rotate your torso left and right (5 reps), step side-to-side (5 reps) 

(one rep is completing both a left and right movement) and then walk in place for one minute.


  • Do each exercise at maximum intensity for 30 seconds.

  • Rest for 10 seconds between exercises. 

  • Repeat for a total of three rounds. 

  • If you have a cell phone handy, use the timer feature to keep track.

Now the fun starts!



    Chair Squats - just sit on a chair, then stand back up, repeat.




    Bicep Curls - with or without weights, a  16 oz water bottle in each hand works great - bring your hands up towards your chest, keeping elbows at your side, repeat




    High Knees - bring your knees up towards your waist and tap knees with your palm, repeat.




    Shoulder Press - bring your weights or just your hands straight above your head, then back down to start position, repeat.




    Wall Push-Ups - Place your palms on the wall about shoulder width apart and at shoulder height, feet about shoulder width apart, walk your feet back until your arms are straight, bend your elbows and slowly lower your body towards the wall, then push back to start position.



Cool Down — walking in place for a minute, some gentle stretching and a few deep breaths is perfect.

If you want to take this Challenge one step further, download the App below.  As a bonus, you can receive 

extra Fitness Reward Points if you make it to Day 7 using the App.

If you're unable to download the App - comment "I did it" on our Feedback page and you will still be able to earn Fitness Reward Points.

How many Fitness Reward Points will you receive and what are they worth?

Who doesn't like a surprise - you'll have to join us to find out.


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